A message from the scholarship committee! :)

Welcome back fellow staffmembers. It is always nice to get the first few days in. Now that
we are off and rolling, we would like to get started on our CTO Scholarship Fundraiser. The
fundraiser has helped our organization to provide two $1000 scholarships these past few
years. If this fundraiser is successful, it will eliminate the need to do any additional
fundraising. If it is really successful – then maybe we can give out larger or additional

You should have received an envelope today with your tickets in it. Each member was given
6 BBQ chicken dinner tickets and 6 BBQ porkchop dinner tickets. The dinners will include
either a 1/2 a chicken or 2 pork chops, a baked potato, applesauce, and dinner roll at a cost
of $7 each. The yellow tickets are for the chicken and the orange or red tickets are for the
pork chops.

We profit $2 for each dinner sold, so please do your part and ask your family, neighbors, and
friends. Let Jodi Diller or Lori Rammel know if you need additional tickets and we will
get them to you promptly.

Dinners will be distributed on Friday, Sept. 14 from 4 to 6 pm in Excel Machine and Tool
Parking Lot. We will need members to help package and hand out the dinners that evening.
Please email Lori Rammel (rammell) if you are willing to work.

Money or Tickets need to be returned to one of the following people by September
6th. (We must submit a count to Romer’s Catering a week before. Checks should be
made out to the CTO.

Elementary : Tracy Schmitz or Jill Dela Rosa
Middle School: Mike Seitz
High School: Jodi Diller or Lori Rammel

Thank you for your dedication to our students and your help with this event!!!

Lori and Jodi